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If you have life in you, you have access to the secrets of the ages, for the truth of the Universe resides in each and every human being. - Morihei Ueshiba

The Priestess Path Initiates Women into the

Lineages of Light


Many women are feeling discontent with conventional education and work options, while yearning to merge the sacred with daily life. Women are experiencing exhaustion and burn out from working too hard in masculine paradigms, while knowing the sacred needs our attention both within our bodies and in the world in order for this wisdom to prevail.

The path of the priestess is an ancient path walked by thousands of women worldwide who have made the choice to embody the Divine, sacred, feminine, spiritual, sexual, healing wisdom in daily life. In fact, the very existence of these lineages depend on the men and women who carry these traditions.

The role of a priestess is valid for women in society, and is re-emerging in the world today.  The Priestess Path offers initiations from authentic lineages that carry forth wisdom for women to become modern day priestesses of the Light, in the Light for the Light.

We celebrate, honor and initiate the return of the priestesses!


There Have Always Been Priestesses

Women of Power


In tune with the sacred.
Sisters, daughters, mothers, and crones,
All birthing, bleeding, healing, and deathing together.
There have always been priestesses...
In all sacred societies,
Women are honored for their unique power and abilities
Carrying the codes of the womb-creatrix
Women are the life-givers,
The care-givers,
Keepers of sacred wisdom applied
to love, life and death.
Today, we are bringing the role of priestess back
As a valid station for women in society.
Women of power,
Women of medicine,
Women of wisdom: Remember!
You are eternal.
You are a sovereign,
noble Queen!
You have a special gift to give the world
Embody your Divinity,
Claim your sovereignty,
And bless this world with beauty!

Welcome to the Priestess Path!

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The Priestess Path

Lineages of Light



The Priestess Path offers initiations from authentic lineages for women to become working priestesses. The Lineages of Light are ancestral lineages that carry wisdom from the One/Light/God/Goddess/Creator and have been preserved for thousands of years by master teachers. This Temple transmits wisdom teachings from the Shamanic, Taoist, Angelic, Martial, White Tigress and Law of One lineages to activate and season women of power.

Embody Your Divinity

What if you are an eternal soul on an eternal timeline? What if you have a spirit family on the other side waiting to assist you? What if you have come here for a mission and purpose and just need the tools and the temple to activate it? The Priestess Path offers initiations and wisdom teachings from real wisdom lineages, giving women the concrete tools of a working priestess committed to blessing this world with beauty and anchoring in the sacred here on earth.

Activate Your Soul's Mission

Every soul has a mission. When you align with your soul's mission, you naturally feel more complete, more empowered and more alive, with a clear sense of purpose. Many forces come to assist when you commit to be who you really are and serve the Light.

Real Tools, Real Priestesses

It is important for priestesses to have the concrete tools of the trade in order to be effective. These tools have been preserved in the lineages of light, such as tools for direct communication with guides and tools for healing held in the lineage of shamanism. A priestess needs to understand the cosmic anatomy,  how to responsibly hold ceremony, conduct healings and know the power of her word and intentions. More than just an idea, a priestess is a functional guide, healer and leader in her community. The Priestess Path offers the tools to empower women to step into the role of priestess with responsibility and integrity.




What Is A Priestess?

A PRIESTESS is a woman who chooses to align with the Divine.

A PRIESTESS knows her power and uses it as a blessing.

A PRIESTESS understands and accepts her Divine mission and anchors in the sacred.

A PRIESTESS understands and owns her shadow, embracing its teachings to bring her closer to love and Source.

A PRIESTESS embodies frequencies and wisdom codes of the Divine Feminine nourishing herself and her community as guided.

A PRIESTESS receives the proper training to be proficient in her role.

A PRIESTESS knows the secrets of her sacred sexual self, caring for her body temple and honoring her Divine masculine counterpart.

A PRIESTESS makes a stand for the sacred.

Each priestess is unique in her wisdom and Divine calling.


About Your Guide


Elizabeth Wilcock is the Creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, which she has been immersed in from an early age. She is at the forefront of blazing a new trail for women to merge spirituality and social function as priestesses in the modern age.

Her first love is shamanism. She entered formal shamanic training at age 17 and graduated from the Foundation For Shamanic Studies Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing at age 28. A near death experience at the age of 19 revealed her life path as she was re-birthed into her body through the Christ Light. She knew then that her path was that of a priestess.

She apprenticed the Martial Arts and Qigong lineages for many years, earning five black belts, owning five schools and became the first female master in her marital art lineage. During her career as Beth Leone, she trained thousands of students in the martial and sacred arts.

Her love of shamanism and communing with Source led her to travel alone deep into the Amazon jungles and to traverse 15,000-foot Andean peaks, completing over 70 ayahuasca journeys in which she was eventually gifted the Angel Songs.

Beth is also one of only a few women with permission to teach the White Tigress Sexual Teachings from the female Taoist masters which require a strong qigong foundation in order to understand these teachings in their true light.

Her formal emergence as a priestess was in 1999. A few years ago, she was guided to shift her focus from training black belts to training women in the wisdom of the Lineages of Light in order to anchor in the frequency of the Divine feminine more here on earth.

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The Facebook group is a gathering place for women interested in the path of a priestess. This is where I share most of my video ceremonies as I do not post them on youtube etc.


What Our Graduates Are Saying About The Priestess Path



Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

I have so much more comfort with my own body and I have a new understanding of the innate capability of my body to stay youthful. I now feel like I have a secret weapon to [stay young] naturally that also gives me longevity. I had no knowledge of it and would have not known where to get it. Beth is uniquely qualified to share these teachings since she has been trained in the ancient lineages. Being here with all the women has fostered an incredible sense of sisterhood.


Shelby Seegmiller

Before taking the initiation I was quite emotionally unstable and struggled with staying confident and true to myself.  Now, I feel more beautiful, angelic and feminine. I’m juicier, healthier, and more attuned. The lessons Beth is about to share with you are of great wisdom. I am blessed to have walked this path.








Alison Eakin

This program felt like I was returning to my spiritual family with all my sisters around me. I was drawn to this program because Beth was recommended to me. I knew that she was a powerful woman - that she had a lot training a lot of knowledge; a lot of courage and I felt confident that she would be a good guide for me. Beth has helped to guide me through my transition to fully committing myself to my spiritual path.